Wayamba Development Authority

About Us

Wayamba development authority

The Wayamba Development Authority (WDA) which was established under the ordinance No. 1 in 1993 of North Western Provincial Council (NWPC) is the regulatory body in North Western province (Wayamba).


To be a key partner of achieving prosperity to Wayamba.


Promoting, coordinating and Monitoring the activities in the fields of Tourism, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, fishery, information technology, Investment Promotion & Marketing to assure a sustainable development of socio economic status of the people of  Wayamba


What we do

WDA has given its’ main concern on Tourism and hospitality sector development in North Western Province while involving in other areas/subjects such as community development, career guidance, Information technology, agriculture, animal husbandry, investment promotion. These areas are pertaining under the scope of WDA.

The provincial’s council system that commenced establishing and functioning in the year 1987 had also been instrumental in making a series of efforts to improve tourism in the province. Allocations for the tourism subject (From Finance Ministry and Line Ministries) are released by the North Western Provincial Council to the Wayamba Development Authority for the implementation of tourism promotion projects and further, Development Authority is the government body that implements the relevant programs for the promotion of the tourism industry within the province, beginning of the Provincial council up to date. ..

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